Our desire for health is the principal to realize our dream and our most important asset.

Biontech's endeavor to healthy lives of people through better products and services will continue.


Leading alkaline
water ionizer
brand in Korea
"Highest Quality"
Another name
of Biontech
From the alkaline
water ionizer expert,
second leap to
health expert home
appliance manufacturer
are Biontech's
core resource
a global brand
reaching out
to the world

01Business Motto

02Management Ideology

Healthy corporation thinking of health only

Progressive employee education and training
to health

of the people
to society and nation

03Corporate philosophy

If someone asks, "What kind of company is BionTech?" the answer will be,
"It is a company that pursues values than profits and retails health than products."

Goals and values of Bionech, The Biontech MIND

What led the business philosophy and method of Biontech for the past 31 years is the Biontech MIND.
Biontech MIND cherishes 10 core values.
These values are the basis of all decision makings and actions at Biontech.
Through them, Biontech is able to achieve our ultimate goal.
Biontech MIND is comprised of the goals and core values of Biontech.

Biontech Goals

The ultimate goal of Biontech is
"naturalistic science that values environment and life"

Biontech will further develop
water ionization technology that will maximize the function
of water - the greatest life energy provided
by the nature - and build nature-friendly health
in consideration of the environment and life.

Core values of Biontech

The members of Biontech exercises
the 10 core values of Biontech MIND on daily basis.

To achieve the goal of
"naturalistic science that values environment and life",
Biontech pratices the 10 core values of Biontech MIND
anywhere and everywhere.
Our core values include business method,
employee communication and partnership.

10 core values of Biontech MIND

  • Health management
  • Progressive training
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Contribution to health
    of humankind

  • Service to society
    and nation

  • Technology and innovation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Responsibility
  • Credibility
  • Honor

04Brand CI

- Meaning of CI (COMPANY IDENTITY) -

Lead a healthy water culture with alkaline ionized water holding the breathe of nature.

Flow of water symbolizing
the dynamic of Mother Nature

BIOTECH - compilation
of life (BIO) and science (TECH)

Signifies the science in alkaline ionized
water that holds the breathe of living water.

The pattern of water flow created by a swarm of people who are as pure, bright and dynamic as waves is projected as flow of water.


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